Serge Ramelli Interior Design Photo Competition winner

A few days ago I entered one of my interior design shots in a competition on Serge Ramelli's website. I have been following his youtube channel for some time now and he puts out 2 tutorials per week for free and shows how to retouch and photoshop images. What is also really cool about his website is, if you sign up for his newsletter you get all the RAW files and all the past RAW files from all his retouching tutorials for you to try for yourself. I like this guy because he gets you engaged in photography and teaches well. The image below is the one that won the contest for me and I am really proud of it, check it out. 

The Vault Image from Spring Garden Place in Halifax ...Click on the image to view bigger

Also Serge put out a video giving me a shout out about my website and my work, it was really good for me as I have been working hard in the last year to make this business work, and also worked hard on my skills to improve my quality of images. I also learned some great tips from Serge on how to enhance my interior design photography and it really did make the difference. Below is the video that featured me and my winning image along with some great exposure for my website and blog post! 

Thanks again to Serge for the opportunity to have my work and website featured and doing contests like this, its really good for photography to have this type of stage to get your work out and also learn some great tips and tricks to enhance your photography. below is all of Serge's info and website info!


Serge Ramelli Site info:

Tutorial Website

Youtube Channel