Short feature Drone film showcasing some of the best scenery Cape Breton has to offer. Highlands National Park in Cape Breton Nova Scotia is one of Atlantic Canada's most visited places and for good reason, boasting the best views and most unique landscapes, its not a surprise people all over the world come to see its wonders! From the famous view of Cap Rouge on Iconic Cabot Trail to the most visited hiker spot the Skyline Trail. This year we decided to showcase this beautiful place at the time of year its most known for, FALL! Cape Breton is full of color in the fall and many come in from around the world just to see this place in all its fall glory! This is one place you wont want to miss out on before you die! Visit their Facebook page for more info:

Music By: Adrian Von Ziegler Song : Prophecy

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**DISCLAIMER** All Flights and access were by permit and escort in the Highlands National Park, drones are not allowed without permission and escort by Parks Canada personnel.

Drone compilation of our aerials from around Nova Scotia in 2016. This view has received more than 2 million views on social media!

Shannon Park has been abandoned for years, and used to be a thriving Military living community until being decommissioned by the government and was closed in 2004 and remaining residents were moved to military housing at Willow Park.

Musical Mix by: Atrium Carceri - The Expedition