Shannon Park Video Tour (A community in ruins)

As a Halifax Corporate Architectural and Head shot Photographer I make time to explore areas and take time for some other passions of mine, one of them is drone work and exploring unreachable areas to document the experience. This video was a pleasure and a heart break at the same time, partly because I love my city of Dartmouth and would love to see it thrive and do better, and also because of all of the valuable waterfront and land that can be used is simply not!

Recently I had the chance to take footage of the old Shannon Park Community here in Dartmouth NS, the scene is something out of a horror movie. Chernobyl has gotten international attention because of it's apocalyptic type feel of abandon streets and buildings. Well Shannon Park is getting the same "feel" to it, and although its abandon and commissioned to be demolished, the memories of families living here are very real.

I posted a video on Facebook of the video below and the comments and memories share made it all worth it, and there is mixed emotions of what could have been and should have been for this community. The reason for the abandonment of this community was dangerous mold and asbestos, that would have costed a lot to remove, and although some people thought it was worth doing, the government didn't.

Below are some screenshots from the movie on some of the worse decay of the community, and I have to say that this was a shocking video to make because of the sheer destruction in this community.

Streets still have the paint markings of a once busy street life.

A higher view of the community with Shannon Park school in the top of the image (still in operation)

A swing set rusting away in the decay, a community filled with children at one time.

Streets are all grown over now.

One of the many walking paths connection each area of the community.