Brinton Video Production Services

We are a digital media production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with a national and international focus. Our goal is to portray the world and all of it's stories in a beautiful and engaging way. We do that by getting to know our clients as people and the value their business or organization offers.  We then build those unique qualities into a concise and pleasurable viewing experience designed to meet their goals.    

Our reputation has been built on showing audiences the world around them in a whole new way with eye-catching aerial landscapes, heartfelt portrait photography, and creative storytelling that draws people in. Our imagery and productions are used for many purposes including marketing, advertising, communications, film and television, and the general enjoyment of the public. We make epic happen.

  • Aerial / Drone Videography
  • Ground-based / Commercial Production
  • Real Estate / Property Recording
  • Interview Production
  • Event Videography
  • Full Post Production: Editing, Motion Graphics, Formatting

Watch our company video below, check out more video samples below that, and get in touch with us to have your story told.