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Sponsorship with Drdrone brings Brinton Photography to new heights.

Dji Matrice 600 carries a Sony mirror-less camera capable of high resolution photography.

As they always say "if you want to survive you have to evolve", and that's just what we are doing at Brinton Photography. Over the past year and a half we have been offering drone images and video to our list of services, but the growing fast paced aerial drone market is giving no signs of slowing down. And that means that the technology is also evolving almost every few months, to keep up with the demand for high quality imaging you need to have this technology at your fingertips.

Recently I was commissioned by my client Chorus Jazz Air to capture images of their aircraft and hanger, problem was it was at the Halifax International Airport which is a no fly zone for most of the public for drones. With having the right licensing and insurance, and a cleared and detailed flight plan with NavCanada, we were able with the help of DrDrone to execute the project safely and efficiently. Below is a couple of images of the aircraft shoot done with the Matrice 600 drone and the Sony A7r2.

Q400 Aircraft shot at Halifax International Airport with the Sony A7r2 camera

Jazz hanger at the Halifax International Airport, Shot with the M600 and the Sony A7r2 camera is a full service Drone store and repair center based out of Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada, and they are Canada's first authorized DJI dealer and repair shop. Since the sponsorship with DrDrone, we have been able to provide the industry with high quality images and video that surpasses the industry standard.

At Brinton Photography we are a registered and fully licensed UAV operator with Transport Canada, and have all the necessary insurance and safety procedures in place. Due to the dangerous nature of flying a UAV (drone) in airspace that my interfere with air traffic, there are regulations that are in place to protect that traffic and the public safety for all. One of the requirements needed to obtain a a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is to undergo a ground school course, the purpose of this training is to make you aware of the air traffic rules as well as much needed info about UAV operations. for more on the drone regulations check out the this link to the rules on UAV's Click here

One way to obtain this training is through AeroVision Canada based out of Halifax, which is a company that operates drones daily in the inspection industry, and will give you all the right training for your specific use of drones. AeroVision also uses DrDrone for their Drone support and repair needs. Check out their website for more info on training.

Drones make Amazing Video reels!

One of the reasons drones have become a high demand item is the use of making videos, and there is no shortage of them on YouTube and Instagram. One of my favorite videos I have done in the past couple years, is my whale watching trip with my wife. I brought my Phantom 3 Drone for the ride and with the permission of the boat operator, I had a go at it! Check out the results in this short video on my YouTube Channel.

Recently some of my work has been added to the Canadian Geographic 150th of Canada addition coming in May 2017, with features of the best of the best Instagram shots from accounts in Canada. The shot that they will be using and I am totally pumped about is my night shot of the Purdys Wharf buildings in downtown Halifax. This shot below would not have been possible without the gear I have from DrDrone, and I now have purchased the Inspire 1 Pro X5R raw camera system, which allows me to capture better images in low light!!

Purdys Wharf under a red sunset sky in Halifax, shot with the Inspire 1 Pro X5R

Drone makes aerial photography a dream job and passion.

As we continue to move forward at lightning speed with our Aerial imaging and video services, I look forward to making even better images and video with some of the best gear in the business, and I thank DrDrone and their entire team for the support and hard work to keep me running and making magic! As a close I leave you with a short gallery of some of the best shots of 2016!