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Recently my pal Trevor got me onto this guy Dani Diamond a portrait and commercial photographer from NYC, who through his YouTube videos shows his retouching process in high speed time lapse. To me I found this mind blowing that although people have been doing speed retouching videos for a while I hadn't seen it really like this until now, so I had to try it!

So I started recording my processes and editing sessions and I was amazed at what I played back, and also was even more shocked at how I could see my creativity flowing in high speed. Recently I shot a grad session here locally for a family member and I wanted to do some close up portraits! So I armed the recorder and went at it.

Some of my other passion is editing child and family portraits, and recently I shot a family session outdoors with less than desirable weather,which happens a lot in Nova Scotia for us photographers. So I decided to record some of those image edits as well and using KCC actions some actions of my own and my technique I am able to have full creative expression. Below are 2 of my newest videos on the same child but with different challenges.

I have decieded to continue recording my editing and I will be working on some tutorials on how this type of editing is done, but I really want to have creative control and fun with this. I love what I do and I never want to loose that.

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If you want to check out some of Dani Diamonds videos click here to see his process!