Halifax based Corporate head shot and commercial photographer, working with some of the best companies in Halifax to bring commercial photography to the next level. Through my blog I am working to inspire with content about interior exterior photography and also head shot and all things editing. I love photography and the retouching process, working with some of the best in the business I work to bring entertaining and informitive content!

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Thank you to all my clients, what a year and looking forward

This past year has been quite a ride and this year is looking much the same, and I really want to keep my focus on a few areas. First off I LOVE Interior / Exterior design photography, and I have built my business through that work. I continue to do design work while learning to perfect the head shot and studio lighting. I am a big fan of PETER HURLEY'S work and I have picked up some techniques from his material, but I am looking to be original.

Recently I have been doing a project where I called out 10 people to do a free head shot session to create different lighting and diverse my portfolio, and man did they come out! I was excited because I had the opportunity to meet some great people and even some local musical talent that i was able to capture. Going forward this year I am looking to do even more head shots and be known for it, but the challenge is to get known and be known for this type of work.

Andrew Mackleive A local Sax player here in the HRM ..currently with Party Boots and other bands

As many of you know I have been mentored by Trevor Allen who has shaped me and helped me keep focused on what i do best, so we have decided to team up and Brinton Photography is now using Trevor Allen Studios exclusively for head shot photography. This is great news because it will allow me to create professional original work while keeping the atmosphere professional and pleasing to the client. We hope to bring a fresh new experience to the photography market by changing the way head shots are done!

One of the ways I like to give back to the photography community is to educate and inspire people to get out and work hard at finding what they do best and do it ! So this year I will be putting on some great workshops that will cater to the beginner to the professional and also get those tutorial videos out there that I promised! I you have any suggestions  or anything you would like me to do a tutorial on please email me at and I will do it for you.

My Mentor and friend Trevor Allen shot in studio while setting up light for a client.. Brinton Photography image.

My Mentor and friend Trevor Allen shot in studio while setting up light for a client.. Brinton Photography image.

by Gary Brinton