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Kevin Cook Action's and my New Tutorial Video

Kevin Cook is a well known photographer in North Carolina, who images are widely circulated around social media for there whimsical and dreamy look. Since his style is so widely liked and shared among his followers he decided to release his actions for this look and are quite popular. A few months ago I purchased Kevin's full package action set at and I absolutely love the look you can achieve with them, but actions are not all he offers on his site. Along with actions he also has presets and sky overlays that he uses for that dreamy mystical look that he is so well known for, I suggest checking out Kevin's work to know what mean.


Some of my most recent work has some of Kevin's actions used in them and they have been a great hit with my clients, but being just like Kevin is not the goal of using his actions. Being original while using the same type of look can be difficult but not impossible, and I love the challenge it brings to my creativity. In these galleries below you can see that type of look that can be achieved using these actions:

As you can see from these examples it's quite the change and the possibilities are endless when it comes to using actions, they are customizable and user friendly. I have had a chat with Kevin and have made a tutorial video on how easy it is to apply actions to your image, and I urge you to explore the endless amount of actions out there for you to try. Plus it helps support other photographers who make and provide these tools to make us all better retouchers and artist!