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Humanity Of Halifax. The story behind it.

Humanity of Halifax was a project I started to bring awareness to a known issue in our society today, and it is that we ignore what we don't understand! People of the street or "homelessness" as it's known is a growing and repetitive issue in the HRM, that seems to leave a bad taste in your mouth when asked what can be done about it?. Do you really think that we have the solution or is the answer in something else?, like an action or a feeling? I started talking to some of the people on the streets and quickly i realized "THEIR HUMAN" just like me , with stories, personalities, and in need of love. I thought well I can do something to help them, surely I can tell their story in a way that is rarely done. I feel that our disconnection to the problem and having no mercy is the main factor, what we are willing to do to help and put our hands to the plow so to speak?. It's going to take Mercy!

So i started a FaceBook page that would be the platform for accountability, a place where if you didn't know their story or see their faces, if we were going to be plain ignorant to the issues plaguing them then we would be without excuse. It became a very popular page quickly and the attention grew even to the stage of the local media, but I didn't expect it so intensely and so what I planned to put into this project was outweighed by the attention it received. I planned on spending more time as the months went on at shelters and on the street to get to know people and understand the hurts and sufferings that were so evident, I mean it doesn't take you 2 mins driving down Gottingen St to realize that there is suffering there.

                                   So for a time I was able to meet some great people and connecting with organizations in the area to respectfully approach them with the knowledge that I was going to be doing this. Walking around Halifax in the lower income areas with a camera asking questions wasn't going to get anyone kick out the welcoming mat for me. I was ready to go more indepth and dedicate more of my time to going out and hearing stories and taking their portrait. Suddenly me and my wife had a personal tragedy that hit us hard and threw me off track for a season. We had lost our baby at early pregnancy and it was my wifes first time being pregnant and she was hurting, I had to be by her side.

                             It was a very difficult time for us as we really were looking forward to having a baby together as we just got married a couple years ago and we are in our late 30's. Then we found out that she will require surgery and that it might affect our chances to become pregnant in the future. But God is a good God so we trust that He will work all things for the good of those who trust iand Love Him, and so We are moving forward and whatever comes will come. And now I am ready to to go back to the street and spend time with people and love them and be that mercy that they so often go without. 

                                                         Join me as I interview and feature the stories of everyday ordinary people that need our love and attention just as much as your son or daughter, sister brother, Mom and Dad does and be Mercy! Check out Humanity Of Halifax on Facebook and like and share this journey with me! 

by Gary Brinton